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Clariti 1 day: My Lens of Choice for New Wearers

By June 5, 2022July 14th, 2022No Comments

“Like many of my colleagues, I have seen a significant uptick in spectacle wearing patients who are now interested in contact lens wear- both part time and full time. Many cite masks as the reason- patients who are still wearing masks at their workplace often feel frustrated by fogging when wearing their glasses. Other patients are starting to visit gyms, see friends socially, and travel again- and are looking to have independence from their glasses. I have seen interest from patients of all ages as well. Young people are back in the swing of sports, and activities, and may be looking to improve their performance. Working patients are heading back to the office more frequently, and want a change from glasses when seeing their colleagues in person. Presbyopic patients are discovering contact lens options to replace their progressive lenses and reading glasses, and are excited about the new technology available to them. Time and time again, I reach for a lens from the clariti 1 day family for my patients who are new to contact lenses.”

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