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Getting Down with Dailies: The How and Why of Increasing Daily CL Rx in Your Practice

By August 12, 2019May 3rd, 2021No Comments

Welcome everybody! Welcome to the 40th episode of 20/20 Money. My guest on today’s show is Dr. Jennifer Stewart. Jennifer is an optometrist and partner at Norwalk Eye Care and Performance 2020 and this is actually the second time that she’s been on our show. I wanted to have Jennifer back on the show to talk about dailies and the role they have played in her career both clinically as well as how educating and encouraging pt adoption of a daily disposable lens have helped the profitability in her practice. During our conversation, Jennifer talks about why pts are more compliant with dailies and what percent conversion rate she has with her pts switching to a daily lens. You’ll also learn how she reframes the cost of dailies on an annual basis and the comparative analysis she uses to help pts bridge the gap between what they currently spend on lenses and supplies vs what they would spend on a year’s supply of dailies.

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